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N.V. Mihajlova

Moscow Homeopathic Center, Moscow, Russia


A successful treatment of pathology at the physical level is based on an integrated approach with due regard to patient’s mental/emotional structure, situational problem preceding the development of the disease, and knowledge of the key symptoms of a homeopathic remedy. It enables a deep and reliable modification of patient’s mental/emotional pathology and his/her social adaptation to the environment, which leads to disappearance of problems at the physical level.

A woman aged 57 came to the Moscow Homeopathic Center in connection with numerous senile keratomas and a long- existing spastic constipation. The patient could not have stool in the presence of strangers and even relatives, and asked them to go to a distant room or to leave the apartment. Skin problems started 3–4 years ago after troubles at the work associated with reorganization and transfer to a lower position. She lost self-confidence, and developed a fear of losing the work and a feeling of humiliation. She became shy, could not concentrate, especially when looked at, and her memory worsened. Fear of public speeches, narrow places and crowds appeared. She was continuously afraid of making a mistake at work. Her sleep worsened, she became sleepless and irritable.

Given that Ambra’s key idea is suppression at all levels after some failures in life, difficulty to do something in the presence of other people (especially to have stool), and presence of early ageing symptoms (senile keratomas), the patient was prescribed Ambra grisea 200.

After 3 months, a marked positive dynamics was noted: self-confidence appeared, bashfulness and shyness decreased, she told her chief about her disagreement for the first time, and her stool became normal. The skin noticeably improved: dryness disappeared, wrinkles decreased, and keratomas began to dry up and fall off.

It should be noted that the continuing instable situation at the work does not cause panic fear or feeling of non-confidence in the patient as before. She takes it easy, and thinks that she can find a way out of the situation if dismissed.

Thus, prescription of a single medicine can fundamentally change a human being in its mental, emotional and physical essence.

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