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N.A. Radomskaia

The Homeopathic Center for Health Care and Rehabilitation, Moscow, Russia

We know the place which was defined with the law for homeopathic therapy. So the main contingent we deal with the reasons of seeking homeopathic advice:

— 4th or end-stage;

— contraindication to surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy;

— religious or some other considerations due to which general treatment is dismissed;

— for side effects of therapy alleviation;

— pre- and postoperative support;

If a doctor acts in another way he always not only breaks the law but takes a heavy burden on his conscience. A homeopath does not have any rights for experiment and must always send the patient to a specialized institution if oncology was disclosed. Moreover he as a clinician must thoroughly examine the patient, get full diagnostic criteria and detailed anamnesis. We must never forget what level on fatality rate oncological diseases ranks.

In our Centre there is a worked through conception of patients with oncological diagnosis and patients who are able to realize this diagnosis managing.

In the first stage the meticulous examinations of patients are conducted due to academic medicine position and due to usage of the adaptive reactions theory, the functional diagnostics methods: oxigemoindication, bioresonance.

In the second stage this kind of patients needs psychological correction. They are both individual work with a psychotherapist and with the support. Homeopathy also suggests great amount remedies which help not only to cope with the made diagnosis but to reach deep psychological reasons of cancer origin.

The third stage is supporting of organs and systems which are involved heavily during one or another diagnosis. We use with great pleasure the experience of Homeopathic Hospital at Agra (India) under the direction of Prof. Dr. Alok Pareek.

The forth stage is prescription of systemic effect medicine which helps the organism to adapt to the new condition and also stabilize tumor growth.

The fifth stage is osteopathic examination, correction and administration of individual course of breath and physical exercises.

The sixth stage is recommendations about food combining. They also could be different due to diagnosis.

This is minimum that I consider being necessary for the patient with the oncological diagnosis. Unfortunately such an official program of rehabilitation for oncological patients does not exist, even not a show of its work out.

Nevertheless patients look for the ways of overcoming the crisis where they found themselves and come to the Homeopathic Centre time and again.

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