Kim-Dobryakova N.I., Dybova G.V.

Health—and-Spa center DILUCH, Anapa, Russia

Giving full value help to pregnant women has always been one of the important medical, social and ethical components of medicine throughout the history of world civilization. Improvement of health of pregnant women, reduction of maternal and perinatal diseases and death-rate has been priority of health care of all countries of the world.

Applied physical factors in healthful rest and health-and-spa treatment have been cardinal reserve in raising the level of adaptability and life quality as well as perspective tendency of prophylaxis of diseases and medical rehabilitation of pregnant women.

In accordance with national program of health-care improvement and reduction of maternal and infantile mortality Diluch center has initiated the program of rehabilitation of pregnant women on the basis of health-and-spa center’s amenities.

During the period of June — December 2006 347 pregnant women from Krasnodar Region were registered. They were selected by the Ministry of Health Care from a group of women at risk and certified for a post clinical treatment at specialized health station. The course of treatment at health -and-spa center was 21 days.

For each nosology standards of treatment of pregnant women were worked out. Efficient use of medical and physical factors was based on the principle of individual approach: the following points have been taken into account —anamnesis, age, patient’s physique, individual contra-indication for application of specific physical factor.

Necessary proviso for optimum physical therapy is positive psycho-emotional disposition of patients. It was created by unconditional observance by medical staff of professional ethics, maximum delicacy, attentiveness in communicating with patients, maintenance of cleanliness and comfort in buildings.

All pregnant women received psychotherapeutic training at «Maternal training school».

Health-and —spa treatment included: climatotherapy (aerotherapy, air and sun baths, sea bathing on specialized beach under instructor’s supervision,) kinesiatrics for pregnant women in accordance with their period of pregnancy, breathing exercises, hydrokinesiotherapy, therapeutic lingering walk, balneotherapy (gas-bubble baths, pine needle baths, iodio-bromide baths), electrotherapeutic sleep, ultra-violet laser, aromatherapy.

According to indications inhalations based on special techniques were carried out as well as massage, galotherapy, far ultra violet of nasopharynx. During the period of treatment all women received oxygenated protein and vitaminous cocktails, mineral water from local healing springs.

The results of treatment have revealed effective rehabilitation of pregnant women at health-and spa center which is the best showing of necessity of implementation into national medical practice similar programs.

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