Библиотека курортолога«МАТЕРИАЛЫ Международного научного конгресса и 62-й сессии Генеральной Ассамблеи Всемирной Федерации Водолечения и Климатолечения (ФЕМТЕК)» → REHABILITATION USAGE OF POLTAVA DEPOSIT BISHOFIT IN SPORT, SANATORIUMS-AND-RESORTS AND PHYSIOTHERAPY PRACTICE


Abar G., Dehtyaryov U.P., Ezhov V.V., Katyukhin O.V., Myakinkova L.A., Tondiy L.D.

Pan-Ukrainian Association of Physiotherapists and Health Resort Specialists, Poltava, Ukrainian Centre of Sport Medicine, Kyiv, Ukraine

(katuhina@gmail.com, +380 532 508503)

Natural bishofit occurs at a depth of 2,5 km and is mined with the help of underground dissolution of stratum by water. Brine mineralization is up to 420 g/l. Low radiation activity (up to 20 Bq/kg) makes it possible to apply it in conditions of any health resort and clinic. The medicinal features of bishofit were discovered by accident — the workers in the boreholes during contacting with brine have noticed that their pains in the joints were eased. Poltavskiy bishofit was discovered in 1991, and has been already clinically and laboratory researched substantially.

The mineral contains many elements interaction of which determines its broad biological features. Their effects are caused by penetration through the skin during the physiotherapy procedure. The high magnesium concentration (up to 100 g/l) causes hypotensive effect, cerebral circulation ascension, slumber normalization in the case of general bathes and electrophoresis prescription for the neck and up shoulders area. The high bromine concentration (up to 3600,0 mg/l) causes the restoration of equilibrium between excitation and inhibition processes; particularly it is useful for hyper excitation of central nervous system that has a positive effect of bishofit therapy (bathes and electrophoresis) in patients of vascular dystonia, essential hypertension, encephalopathy, neurosis and stress-induced injuries. The high iodide concentration (up to 50,0 mg/l) causes active influence on the metabolism and thyroid gland functions, enhancements of dissimilation processes. The big amount of micro- and ultra microelements (Fe, Si, Mo, Zn, Ag, Se, etc.) with absorption action causes its balancing, normalization of local immunity and metabolism processes that have anti-inflammatory and regenerative effect in the rheumatologic and orthopaedic and traumatological practice. Special preparations are devised for phono- and electrophoresis, massages and bathes, which save and stimulate all mineral features that allow using them far from its provenance. Poltavskiy bishofit was used in training of sportsmen of Ukrainian team for Olympic Games in Peking. Poltavskiy bishofit is valuable balneological factor with broad possibilities on the world market of sanatorium-and-spa and physiotherapy services.

Summary. The main indications for the mineral «bishofit» are traumas (including sport traumas), inflammatory and dystrophic diseases of musculoskeletal system and peripheral nervous system — with massage, in bathes, compresses, applications, wrappings, and electrotherapy. Poltavskiy bishofit stimulates the peloids therapy effects, radon bathes, thermal procedures. Poltavskiy bishofit supplements local natural resources and broadens opportunities in many world health resorts.

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