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In financial crisis conditions the expansion of health resort possibilities for new patients’ attraction is becoming more actual. This task can be solved by usage of attracted, imported natural factors — particularly if these natural resources save their features during transporting from their deposit. The renewal of medical methods gives possibility not just to attract new patients, but also to interest and hold existing patients, to increase own rating in competitive activity.

At the end of XIX chloride-magnesium mineral was discovered by German geologist Gustav Bishof, and it is named «bishofit» in honour of its discoverer. From that period there were discovered only three deposits in the world, and deposit in Germany has been exhausted long ago. Bishofit Poltavskiy (Ukraine) is a natural chloride and magnesium mineral with high content of iodide, bromine, iron, silicon and other microelements. By origin it is saline deposits of ancient sea. The depth of deposit is about 2,5 km, geological age is more than 200 million years. Brine mineralization is up to 420 g/l. It is deprived of organic matter absolutely. Due to its mineral content it has broad biological and medicinal features, especially in the rehabilitation and balneotherapy of rheumatic, traumatic, cardiologic and neurological diseases.

According to the researches bishofit usage in the warm heating applications on the affected joints gives positive effect in 75-85% on patients after the first procedure. It is especially useful to massage (rubbing) bishofit before applications of heat-transfer material (ozokerite, paraffin) and peloids. The high clinical effect of general wrappings with Bishofit solution when connective tissue affection (straining osteoarthritis, rheumatic gout, osteoporosis, especially in old peoples) was discovered. First Poltavskiy bishofit was used as effective synergist of radon waters, sapropelic, estuary and peat peloids at the rheumatological health resorts. Non-core health resorts broaden their medicinal indications with bishofit usage. Bishofit has cardio tonic, sedative and hypotensive features in the bathes containing 1-2 l of brine in 150-200 l water. Bishofit stimulates effects of hydrodynamic, vortical and galvanic bathes.

Summary. Poltavskiy bishofit is natural 100% water diluted magnesium mineral with high content of micro- and ultra microelements. It is especially effective for rheumatic and traumatic lesions of musculoskeletal system. It saves its features when transporting, and due to this it can be used on thousands of kilometres from its deposit, and to be available for the balneologists and rehabilitation doctors throughout the world.

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