Barsukov A.K.1, Aliferova S.N.7, Badretdinov R.R.8, Badretdinova L.M.8, Bokhan A.N.1, Vladimirskiy E.V.4, Vostroknutova L.F.1 ,Gorbunov Yu.V.2, Zabrodin N.A.3, Kasimov F.M.1, Nosko A.Yu.6, Rassulova M.A.5, Sabirov R.Kh.7

Udmurt State University¹, Izhevsk, Izhevsk State Medical Academy²; ROSPOTREBNADZOR Udmurt Republic territory department 3; Perm State Medical Academy4, Perm; Russian scientific center for restorative and resort medicine5, Moscow; OOO TD "Mineral"6 Moscow; OAO "Sylvinit«7Solikamsk, Perm Territory; «Yangan-Tau8» health center Bashkortostan, Russia

There are neither theoretical concept nor appropriate physic-mathematical models to research the «dose — effect» problem as applied to speleoclimatotherapy (SCT) clinical effectiveness in abstract science. Therefore applied research and scientific and technical elaboration based on folk medicine progress are fulfilled under the direction of Russian scientific center for restorative and resort medicine. In fact successful experience of folk medicine in salt (Sylvinite) caves use has a history of more than 100 years. Clinical efficiency of speleotherapy is described in many scientific articles as far as in science fiction literature. We realized some design innovations in order to enlarge as much as possible the red sylvinite (RS) surface for medical-preventive effect.

Adequate approximation of speleoclimatotherapy generalized technology to the total clinical experience requires red sylvinite chemical structure researches. We established that RS structure had some chemical elements in major (Na — K — Mg — Ca — Cl — Br) and minor (Li — Rb — Cs — Sr — B — Sc — Tl — (TR—rare earth elements) — Zr — Se — Te — Cu — Fe — Mn) concentrations. These preliminary results permit to use only certain layers of RS stratum as natural medicinal resource of speleoclimatic chambers (SCC). As mentioned earlier, underground sylvinite clinics modeling in the context of SCT purposes and problems demands to tile the indoor surface of chamber with natural medicinal resource at the most. Prepared patterns and various constructions were comparatively studied by selecting air models for determination chemical structure of inner medicinal atmosphere. Development types guaranteeing maximum possible concentration of RS chemical elements in the indoor air were used in further effort. Subsequently a method for determination the field-performance data in condition of their practical use in Russian clinics was elaborated for that kind of patterns of SCC. It is required to change the contents of medicinal atmosphere into water solution and then to identify presence or absence of chlorine ions in it. Analysis data give grounds to guarantee appropriate SCC field-performance data and to realize essential actions according to regulation requirements. However that’s not the point. To present day the abstract science can’t understand the very fact of chemical elements transfer from crystal structure of RS to ambient air. Generalized structure of the dose (that consists of 6 major and 14 minor chemical elements) and mechanism of clinical effect communication to the SCC are rather more complicated. Obviously the gifts of Nature mechanisms of action decoding demands joint operations of physicist, mathematicians, chemists and biologists. But only a doctor, who observes the moral-ethic rules in any circumstances, is able to realize properly collective leadership in order to guarantee the innovation-technological aspect of rehabilitation medicine. The founder of rehabilitation medicine — A.N. Razumov thinks that in this case «another philosophy is necessary». All kinds of genius, who neglect the principle that «public is greater than personal» at the control system of technological innovations, don’t produce but mistakes avalanches. From the position of predictive philosophy, it is necessary to find common way to RS physical chemistry studying in the context of generalized subjects of living systems (GLP), appropriate conditions of RS development types’ production (GMP) and pre-clinical and clinical testing fulfillment (GLP-GCP). Only rational collaboration gives an opportunity to originate medical technologies based on natural medicinal resource. In particular, just so applied, scientific and technical innovations are realized in originating of unique medicine technology (TU 9452-004-29952684-2004 «Climatic chambers of natural sylvinite from Verkhnekamsk potassium deposit», Public register of medical technologies № FS-2007/022-u of 20.02.2007).

One more principle to be comprehended is formulated by one of the leaders of the Udmurt State University — V.A. Zhuravlev: «Not to conquer the Nature, but to study it as the highest stage of the Universe». We’d like to add that we should not pervert natural factors by replacing them for the technical progress. Resort (medicinal) places are in the nature that doesn’t need technical additions for its own gifts.

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