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Kelyushok S.V., Uryvsky D.A., Kislovskiy A.V., Chuprikov A.P., Mishiev V.D., Vasilevskaya N.Yu., Kushnirskaya E.E., Shipelik T.V.

National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Kiev, Ukraine

(achuprikov@mail.ru; +38044 468-13-35)

Nowadays, Thalasso and dolfin therapy locate in Ukraine on the Black Sea and another cities far from seaside. There are enclosures sea bays (Sevastopol), and created sea bays with all the comforts for marine animals (Odessa, Kharkiv). Researches about recovery treatment showed a higher efficacy for children suffering from different psyche and brain diseases. Particularly, cognitive ability, behavior, mood and socialization were improved in children with autism, delayed speech development, mental retardation, consequences of child cerebral paralysis and other diseases. Different degrees of improving psychostatuses in young patients not less than 80%. In case of combination procedures with drug therapy, we may see the reinforce of the last one. Thalassotherapy, compared with dolfin therapy was significantly less effective.

Rehabilitologist, child psychologist and an animal trainer participate during sessions of dolfin therapy. The duration of the child’s meeting with a dolphin lasts 15-20 minutes. The contents of each procedure (there are usually up to 10) must meet the standards approved by the Ministry of Health in Ukraine. There were developed educational and training programs for animal-therapists with specialization on dolfin therapy. Only they are allowed exercise in dolfin therapy.

Dolfin therapy is an expensive method. First of all, because of the necessity to build dolphinariums with the high demands to artificially created conditions for marine animals. Fed, the state of sea water and veterinary escorts must meet the requirements of modern bioethics, but it also requires a financial investment. The fact that in modern Dolphinarium in Ukraine (Odessa, Kharkiv) Dolphins are reproduced, allowing positively assess the conditions of these animals.

Summary. Last few years Thalasso and dolfin therapy became more widespread in Ukraine. There were built some new aqua centers and dolphinariums, with high requirements for animal. Dolfin therapy is an expensive method. Medical value of this method is that children with psychoneurological disabilities improve their behaviour, speech, mood and socialization.

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