Библиотека курортолога«МАТЕРИАЛЫ Международного научного конгресса и 62-й сессии Генеральной Ассамблеи Всемирной Федерации Водолечения и Климатолечения (ФЕМТЕК)» → VOLUMETRIC PNEUMOPRESSING IN TREATMENT OF ARTERIAL HYPERTENSION


Plenova T., Tarshinov I., Tarshinova L. ITO «New in medicine», Kiev, Ukraine info@itohealth.com.ua Background. Spreading of arterial hypertension (AH) increases with age and requires a new approaches to treatment according to minimize side effects of the antihypertensive drugs and removal of the high blood pressure (BP) as a main risk factor in progression of atherosclerosis and its atherothrombotic complications. For this purpose we propose the treatment with original device complex «Bioregulator-004 M», allows applying a new modification of volumetric pneumopressing (VP) as a pathogenetic treatment of AH. Mechanical influence to local blood flow provides certain shear stress on vascular endothelium and causes enhanced secretion of endothelial cells with following vasodilatation, antithrombotic effects and improvement of blood rheology. These processes are explained by NO accumulation, releasing of prostacyclin and plasminogen activators resulted in activation of microcirculation, local and general blood- and lymph flow, venous outflow, tissue trophic and reparation, restoration of organ function. Clinical effects of proposed technique also include antiedematic, analgetic and sedation influences. Purpose: analysis of efficacy and safety of VP method in complex pathogenesis treatment of AH in patients 55-65 years old. Methods. 140 patients (mean age 61,2±2,7 years, 61,5% — females, 38,5% — males) were under our observation. Previous using of antihypertensive regimens didn’t provide an adequate reduction of BP to target level. The baseline levels of BP in total group were: systolic — 166,1±16,6 mm Hg, diastolic — 95,7±10,9 mm Hg. Grade I AH was identifies in 35,7% of patients, grade II — in 21,5%, grade III — in 42,8%. VP was included in treatment plan of all patients and provided by original device complex «Bioregulator-004 M», which operated with programmed interval regimens of dosing air pressure in multiple hermetically connected with each-other compartments formed universal pneumocuff. This pneumocuff-transformer was modulated for press out of different body parts. During treatment course individual programs were adjusted to each patient in consideration of direction, time and force of influence. Results. After treatment we observed reduction both systolic and diastolic BP (19,4% р<0,001 and 17,9% р<0,01, respectively) in general group. At the end of treatment course the levels of BP were: systolic — 133,9±14,4 mm Hg, diastolic — 78,6±8,2 mm Hg. But in patients with grade II AH only decreasing of systolic BP reached the statistical significance, changes of diastolic BP in this group had tendency to reduction (23,6%, p>0,05). No side effects were noted during treatment. Conclusion. VP is an effective and safe method, which can includes in complex treatment of AH and allows achieving target BP levels without increasing dose and amount of antihypertensive drugs.

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