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Prophylactic activity of health protection foresees development of health-resorts’ business with the use of a complete complex of modern medical technologies.

The presence of various and high-efficiency natural resort factors in Ukraine allowed creating the network of specialized health-resort establishments, which functions from different departments.

Favorable geographical and climatic conditions, saved material base, perfection of resort technology annually allows to treat with high efficiency — 99,9%, only at health-resorts of trade unions up to 400 thousand persons.

Organization of resort technology is carried out in obedience to a legislation, scientifically-methodical approach and department requirements. Activity on providing of services is accredited and licensed.

As an important component element of health-resort-improvement programs is an adequate diet therapy which not only directly improves their homoeostatic potential but also optimizes salutary influence of specific resort factors on an organism.

Organization of nutrition, which influences on correction of broken functions organically, complements efficiency of medical rehabilitation.

Leadthrough of researches at health-resorts, directed on the study of physiological necessities of patients in energy and food matters, clearly differentiated on different levels of the whole organism: system, body organ and tissue, cages and subcages, medical-biological efficiency of dietetics recommendations offered by different authors is actual. Special actuality is acquired by development of base alimentary influences which render medical-prophylactic, detoxic action.

Constantly conducted research work devoted to determination of indexes of energy consumption by patients who take balneal-mud and physical therapy procedures, indexes of homoeostasis and comparison of the got results with physiological necessities allows to create the standard of organization of nutrition at a health-resort.

Summary. Specific gravity of rehabilitation value of diet therapy in the complex health-resorts program of treatment among medicinal, preformed, treatment with natural factors is considerable and occupies one of leading places in resort technology.

Improvement of requirements to health-resorts diet therapy, based on the clinical, immunological, biochemical, physiological aspects of problems, control norms, in obedience to the nomenclature of nutrients, financially-technical possibilities of health-resorts is very actual.

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