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A. Razumov
The Russian Scientific Centre for Restorative and Resort Medicine, Moscow, Russia

The restorative medicine is qualitatively new level in evolution of the modern medicine and the public health services, reflecting the urgent requirement of time.
The given direction is focused on creation of conditions for internal harmony of a physical, mental, spiritual condition of the person, and also harmony with the ecological and social environment. Achievement of these conditions probably at presence at the person of high-grade health, namely its six components: physical, psycho emotional, intellectual, professional, social, spiritual.
The problem even in one of components influences the general state of health, reduces potential and reserve opportunities of an organism. Therefore, the balance or harmony of components of health is very important.
Conceptual directions of development of restorative medicine in the Russian Federation:
— In the field of policy, individual and social consciousness, psychology and ethics — formation of public and individual culture of health; creation of a socially-moral dominant of value of health, motivation on constant care of preservation of health at itself and other persons.
— In the field of economy — introduction of system of obligatory improving and preventive actions on manufacture, progressive forms of medical insurance depending on a state of health, measures on purposeful strengthening health of the person as natural base of professional longevity, as factor of increase of efficiency of professional work.
— In the field of preventive medicine — formation of a network of the Centers (branches, cabinets) health, the list of the state guarantees and medical-economic standards on preventive services in system of obligatory medical insurance; increase of efficiency of diagnostic and improving technologies of regenerative medicine; a professional training.
Restorative medicine is the system of scientific knowledge and practical steps, aimed at the restoration of the functional reserves and adaptive human capabilities weakened by the ill-factors of today’s environment and bad working conditions or as a result of a disease. It uses preferably medicament-free rehabilitation technologies.
As the science restorative medicine studies the laws defining norm, monitoring and ways of restorative correction of functional reserves and adaptive opportunities of the person at all stages of preventive maintenance and rehabilitation.
As a kind of medical aid the restorative medicine includes services on diagnostics conditions before diseases, risks and early forms of diseases, improvingly-preventive and rehabilitation actions.
Restorative medicine is a new prophylactic direction in science and healthcare. It’s aimed at the creation of the system which will guarantee the progress of formation, protection and restoration of the functional reserves of organism, realization of one’s health potential in business, social and personal life of full value, impeding gerontological changes, premature mortality, sick and disablement rates, increase of average life-span and improvement of demographic situation in the country.
The main objectives of restorative medicine are:
- Working out of the theory and organizational and systematic principles, oriented on the formation of protection of health of a healthy person, diseases prophylactic and medical rehabilitation.
- Working out and implementation into healthcare practice of sophisticated methods of human functional reserves’ evaluation. Development of health rendering programmers and evaluation of their effectiveness.
- Analysis of individual, collective and population indexes of health reserves of the people. Determination of the normal range, development of the optimal methods, implementation of information technologies of restorative medicine in public healthcare practice.
- Working out of new promising and increasing the scope of the existing health rendering and rehabilitation measures with medicament-free techniques.
- Control and restoration of the human functional reserves during working activities. Development and protection of the working potential of the country, realization by a person of his creative capabilities, maintaining of the professional health and longevity.
- Forming of good habits of keeping one’s needful health reserves among the citizens. Implementation of health protection technologies aimed at strengthening of biological and spiritual components of human health, increasing the cultural level of individual and social healthcare.
- Improvement of the quality of life of chronic-invalids and disabled persons.
- Forming and realization of the government policy in the sphere of medical resorts.
- Scientific foundation of restorative medicine infrastructure including the questions of control, personnel, equipment, certification of the involved medical services, specialists’ education.
- Providing of interaction with the other healthcare institutions.
- International cooperation, including the WHO Centre for Global strategy of human health protection.
The scientific program:
— The analysis of medical and biologic and ecology-social problems of formation of system of active preservation and restoration of functional reserves of the person in all range of conditions of environment and activity.
— The analysis individual, intragroup parameters of reserves of health at the population with the purpose of an establishment of a range of norm and sizes of functional reserves.
— Studying mechanisms and development of ways of the influences of physical and other not medicamentous factors.
— Development of new diagnostic technologies of restorative medicine in view of achievements of fundamental science on the basis of the automated methods of an estimation of reserves of health. Creation on this basis of software of formation of individual programs of improving actions, medical rehabilitation and the resort help. Creation of system of monitoring of functional reserves at the population, including in relation to various professional groups.
— Development of technologies of self-checking and self-correction of the state of health, accessible to the population, including, for application in house conditions.
— Development of new samples of the medical equipment of the improving and rehabilitation purpose realizing in an optimum mode for the patient and a combination influence of several medical factors.
— Development of the truncated rates of resort improvement and rehabilitation, indications, standards and organizational forms of their application in practice of resorts.
— Creation hi-tech technologies of restorative medicine on the basis of complex application of medical natural factors.
— Development of scientifically proved criteria and the automated systems of an estimation of efficiency of treatment-and-prophylactic restorative actions.
— Development of reports of medical rehabilitation of patients on the basis of studying effects of applications of modern medical products and not medicamentous technologies in the organizations of restorative medicine, including resorts.
Per 1997 the scientific speciality «restorative medicine» (14.00.51) which now is transformed to the incorporated speciality " restorative medicine, medical gymnastics and sports medicine, balneology and physiotherapy " is entered.
The order № 241 from 09.06.2003 in the nomenclature of specialities in establishments of public health services of the Russian Federation enters a new basic speciality «restorative medicine» — the code 040132.
The order of Ministry of Health and social development of the Russian Federation from January, 31st, 2006 № 52 enters a post of the doctor on the restorative medicine, corresponding a speciality «restorative medicine».
The estimation of levels of functional reserves of an organism, development and realization of individual programs of improvement or medical rehabilitation of patients are distinctive features of activity of doctors on restorative medicine.
Directions of activity of restorative medicine:
• Formation, active preservation and recovery of health of the healthy person;
• Medical rehabilitation (restorative treatment) patients;
Technologies of restorative medicine:
I. Diagnostic technologies:
a) Estimation of a functional condition; b) Diagnostics of conditions before diseases and diseases;
— The passport of health;
— Certification of health;
— Monitoring health;
II. The technologies of correction:
1) Physical factors: a) Natural: climate and balneology; b) physiotherapy;
2) Physical activity and medical gymnastics; 3) Manualtherapy and massage; 4) aromatherapy; 5) Herbal medicine; 6) Pharmacotherapy; 7) Psychotherapy; 8) a Feed; 9) Reflexotherapy; 10) Bioinformation correction; 11) Homeopathy;
III. Information-training technologies;
Speciality «the restorative medicine» includes homeopathy as the technology of correction
Since 2003 new educational standards in Russian Federation which have included homeopathy as the block of restorative medicine have been accepted, the Unified program on homeopathy for post degree formation of doctors is updated.
All the research and clinical works spent in the field of homeopathy are represented and considered only on section on restorative medicine of the Academic council of the Russian Academy of sciences.
Feature of application of homeopathist therapy consists that its basic problem is not only treatment of sharp and chronic pathological conditions, but also restoration and harmonization of the broken functions of an organism at mental, emotional and physical levels. «The problem of the doctor consists in restoring the broken balance, to make the sick person healthy» (S. Ganeman).
In modern homeopathy widely use classification of levels of health of the person on G. Vithoulkas (1991), allowing to make an integrated estimation of an organism and to give the forecast of efficiency of homeopathist treatment, and also to define adequacy of restorative medical actions.
Thus, the philosophy of the concept of restorative medicine and philosophy of homeopathy are identical, calling to restore health of the person to strengthen and mobilize its reserve opportunities.
At the present stage scientific researches in homeopathy are directed on the objective estimation of effects of homeopathist medical products, on studying of the mechanism of their action and development on this basis of the new medical-diagnostic technologies essentially raising opportunities of early revealing and effective correction of pathological changes. Feature of application of homeopathist treatment is that its basic problem is represented not only treatment of pathological conditions, but also restoration and harmonization of the broken functions of an organism, increase in reserves of health.
Researches of clinical efficiency and mechanisms of action of homeopathist treatment are spent to Russia widely enough. The attention is given clinical researches in the field of objective estimation of a method of homeopathy. To be spent diagnostics and an estimation of meridians, biofields of the person (aura), selection of homeopathist medicines is tested; parameters after reception of homeopathist preparations by patients are estimated.
And researches are actively carried out in the Russian science centre of restorative and resort medicine, new technologies diagnostics are developed, the difference between influences of homeopathist preparations is shown, to the nonspecific psychotherapy, rendered to the patient on homeopathist reception.
In Russia the homeopathist schools allowing doctors to raise the qualification were generated many. In 2004 the cooperation agreement in the field of educational activity between the Russian science centre of restorative and resort medicine and the International academy of classical homeopathy which works in Greece under direction of professor G. Vithoulkas. In April, 2004 the first semester of 4 years trainings which are based on exclusive video materials of professor G. Vithoulkas has been lead.
Realization in practice of all listed projects of development of the restorative medicine, supported by system of the social, legal, economic, morally-ethical, cultural accents approving priorities of preventive medicine, will allow to make, in our opinion, the important step to creation in Russia essentially new effective control system of dynamics of health of the population.
Our results have confirmed a role of restorative medicine in a modern state policy, its social orientation. Ahead following stage: to make this direction in social medicine, formation and culture not only property of professionalism, but also property which will change the world of our outlook in XXI century — a century of new Russia.

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