Babova I.K., Vladimirov A.A.

Clinical health-resort «Zhovten», JSV «Ukrprofzdravniza», Kiev, Ukraine

Special physical exercises are one of the most important parts of rehabilitation period after operations of joints, and after joint replacement in particular. Physical exercises to these patients are also prescribed in preoperation period. In preoperation period special exercises are directed to making stronger the muscles of back and extremity which will be operated and for the profilactics of atrophy of muscles (static physical exercises). Also breathing exercises and massage of health extremity are prescribed.

After hip joint replacement special physical exercises are prescribed from the first day after operation beginning with breathing exercises. Than on the 2-3 day preparation of patient to verticalization and prophylactics of early complications are held. From the 4 day after operation prophylactics of contracture in join is held by means of passive movements in hip joint, also patient study the assistant walk with crutches. The loading on the operated leg must not be more than 50% than the body mass of patient. There are prescribed exercises that lead to increasing of range of movement on operated joint, strengthening of muscles of spine, gluteus and muscles of operated leg.

On 13-14 day patients study how to serve themselves. On that period patients are directed to the health-resort or rehabilitation center to continue rehabilitation process. Assistant walk with crutches is prescribing beginning from 100-200 m twice a day and with the individual increasing of distance. Also patient learns how to walk on stairs with crutches. Individual physical exercises and massage are prescribed. The massage of operated leg is not directed during 1st month after operation due to possibility of trombotic complications. In rehabilitation center hydrokinezotherapy is prescribed to patients from 16-18 day after operation. Duration of hydrokinezotherapy in the swimming pool is 45 minutes and includes exercises in water, walking with the fool loading of the operated leg, swimming. Electromyostimulation of muscles of operated leg is held to increase the muscle strength. Massage and magnetolazerotherapy on low back area are prescribed.

Complex rehabilitation of patients after hip joint replacement with usage of special physical exercises and hydrokinezotherapy is of a great use for those patients, leading to increasing of quality of life, range of movements in operated joint, straitening of muscles and prophylactics of postoperative complications.

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