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Amongst the variety of active rejuvenation methods with the help of aqua-recovery there is unsurpassed classics, accounting totality of advantages and effect, being at the same level as many up-to-date directions of hydrotherapy and prophylaxis — bath (rus.: banya). This national patrimony of Russia is rich in natural methods and wide range of positive influence on all organs and systems of organism, because of, first, application of natural materials: all necessary equipment and accessories, masks, aroma oils, beverages and decoctions — 100% natural products. Second, all the procedures of health-improving banya complex are meant for activation of full work of organism systems due to its untoxication and deep cleaning of skin and metabolism stimulation.

Eyes are a window to the soul, skin is a reflection of health. Even ancient Roman physician Galen, II century A.D. suggested that the reason of skin aging lied in the reducing of sweat secretion; as a multi-purpose remedy he recommended banya procedures, opening pores, increasing sweating and so prolonging skin youth and elasticity. Nowadays we have opportunities to use the most ancient invention of mankind — the Russian banya — along with the modern methods, achieving excellent results.

The essential condition of more effective medical and prophylactic influence of the Russian banya in comparison with other hyperthermic methods is fine-dispersed steam-bearer of curative aromas and phytoncids. As against dropping-liquid condition, fine-dispersed condition of the active phytoelements allow them easily penetrate through open pores deeply into the organism, on exercising beneficial effect.

Banya should take a significant place in hydrotherapy and climatotherapy. Introduction of banya procedures into the prophylaxis and treatment of such disease groups as allergy of different etymology, skin, arthrous and cardiovascular diseases, problems with respiratory apparatus, will allow to make treatment more effective and to anticipate recovery. Banya procedures are indispensable for immune system strengthening. And relaxation as banya effect is a unique means not only for relieving stress and emotional health recovery, but also as an accelerator of acclimatization in case of abrupt change of temperature conditions of living or time zone change.

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