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Transcarpathian Departament of Ukrprofzdravnitsa, Uzhgorod National University, Uzhgorod, Ukraine

Ukraine has one of the most magnificent spa and recreation resources in Europe. The climate and mineral water of Carpathian region are the most valuable resources among them. Spa treatment as integrative method uses strong scientific base, big potential of spa resources, new methods of diagnostic and prevention of diseases. Successful development of Spa treatment includes combining of experience and actual modern tendencies; widely using international knowledge bases of world Spa industry.

Public health as economical, social category is always the focus of attention politicians and scientists all over the world. Modern health resorts have a higher level of development; it is a next step to deep understanding of human heath. It is important to share and generalize experience and to set forth ways of the further improvement of rehabilitation service. It helps to achieve important goals like recovery of national health and correction of demographic situation.

Who’d ever been to Transcarpathia, he would forever remember the magical nature of this country. Though the Ukrainian Carpathians belong to the forest Atlantic-continental climate zone, they belong to the mountainous region having its special features.

The variety and successful combination of healing natural resources give the right to name Carpathian Mountains the spa paradise and determine their different recreation profiles. But Transcarpathia is widely known not only because of its splendid natural beauty and mild climate. Nowadays there are more than 300 mineral water sources, which can be used with healing aim. The geological peculiarities of Carpathian Mountains had determined complex and different chemical compound of mineral water, which defined the wide range of its healing usage. The main world resources of hydrocarbonate natrium and hydrocarbonate chloride, calcium, calcium-natrium, calcium-magnesium-natrium, nitrate-metanum and other types of mineral water are concentrated in Transcarpathia. Such mineral water, as «Svalyavska», «Luzhanska», «Shayanska», «Sojmy», «Kelechynska», «Polyana-Kupil», «Polyana-Kvasova» e.c. are well known all over the world due to their extraordinary healing qualities.

There is great potential in further research of iron-arsenic, sulphide and iodide-bromide mineral water, of climate and other natural factors. Today this kind of mineral water is used in the form of balneotherapy.

Spa healing and recreation service are the most perspective, priority and economically interesting branches of business in Transcarpathia. The most important part of spa healing is rehabilitation. It is called to maximally rebuilt patients’ health using the possibilities of surgery, therapy, physiotherapy and other treatment. Widely in the world, rehabilitation is one of the most important parts of healthcare system, because it helps patients to maintain self-care, work ability and social rehabilitation.

The main rehabilitation profiles in Transcarpathia are cardiology rehabilitation (in «Karpaty» health resort), haematology rehabilitation (in «Verkhovyna» health resort), after abdominal operative gastroenterology rehabilitation (in «Polyana» health resort), endocrinology rehabilitation (in «Kvitka Polonyny» health resort), spa healing of pregnancy diseases (in «Karpaty» health resort). In the whole, Transcarpathia itself has the powerful potential for further development of medical rehabilitation in spa conditions for persons with stroke consequences (in «Karpaty» health resort), persons in posttraumatic status and with consequences of professional diseases of joint-muscular system (in «Synyak» health resort). There is great possibility to develop endocrinology rehabilitation in children-teenagers rehabilitation (in «Sonyachne Zakarpattya» and «Polyana» health resorts). It is possible to create post-stress rehabilitation (after natural and anthropological catastrophes) recreation zones (in «Karpaty», «Polyana», «Shayan», «Verkhovyna» health resorts).

The high potential of natural and preformed healing factors huge practical and scientific experience in medical rehabilitation help us to resolve ambitious task of synthesis of modern style in treatment and prevention.

Main points of conception are: using of healing influence of spa resources, high proffesional level of staff, programmes of emotional balance, weight correction, antiaging- and beauty-complex.

Transcarpathia is the region with unique natural resources, which can be used with healing aim. That’s why it is extraordinary actual to research, preserve and use them rational in the future to make Trancarpathia the country of healing sanatoriums for health and goodness of all mankind.

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