Loboda M.V.

A president of fund «Allukrainian Association of physiatrists and resort therapist», Kiev, Ukraine

In the whole world the problems of rehabilitation attract great attention. From data of International Association of social protection in 90% of countries in the world there is the special legislation about a rehabilitation, which is constantly perfected.

The purpose of medical rehabilitation is renewal of health, capacity, personality and social status, achieving financial and social independence, integration, re-integration in the ordinary terms of life of society. That is why the measures of rehabilitations must influence simultaneously both on pathology-physiological and sonological processes which flow in an organism and on psychical activity of man, to interfere in the question of his social life. The solution of such thorny, multicomponent problem needs not only good clinical base but also deeply scientific ground of organization of rehabilitation process with the wide use of physical factors.

The successful rehabilitation of patients in sanatorium-resort terms has a national value. Socio-economic researches testify not only to medico-social meaningfulness but also about economic efficiency of rehabilitation process. From international data, economical efficiency of rehabilitation already for 1 year exceeds charges in 10 times.

A rehabilitation is basic structural making efficiency of the recovery of health system. The fact of absence of rehabilitation departments in the structure of sanatoriums violates balance between clinical, prophylactic, rehabilitation and health medicine. That is why service of medical rehabilitation must be organically written into the existent structure of health protection, have a stage (inherited) character and develop next to her. In early 80 -th such form of rehabilitation as early medical rehabilitation was already offered and got wide distribution. Cardiologists first offered it, and then they were supported by surgeons.

Organization of departments of early medical rehabilitation is an extraordinarily important task because medical rehabilitation it not only warning of disability on the very inveterate stage of disease but also active help to many of the patients in an initial period of chronic disease, when the broken functions could be picked up with the high efficiency degree, warn relapses and intensifying of disease.

Technology of grant an early medical rehabilitation, the question of organization of activity of service to the present day was not found yet the constructive decision.

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