Medvediev V.A., Ishchenko N.F., Gnilomyodov B.A., Sukhodolova T.I., Andreyenko V.S.

Health-and-Spa center DILUCH, Anapa, Russia

In complex treatment and rehabilitation of patients at health-and spa center they extensively use mineral waters for internal use and external application as well as silt sulphorated mud from local coastal salt lakes.

In the center of otolaryngology all kinds of irrigation therapy are used (mainly irrigation, rinsing, bathing,inhalation) for treatment of chronic diseases of nasal pharynx (antritis and tonsillitis in particular).

At the dental department irrigation of gums by iodio — bromide water is successfully used as well as stomatological mud applications on gums when treating diseases like paradontosis and mucositis of oral cavity.

Chronic diseases of digestive system are cured with drinking Semigorskaya and Anapskaya mineral water at health — diagnostic center’s phitobar or at the city pump room for mineral water.

At «Marriage and Family» therapy department patients with genecological diseases are treated for inflammation of uterus and uterina appendages, commissures in pelvis. They are prescribed mud treatment in the form of applications, galvanotherapeutic mud, mud stypage along with water-medicated treatment in the form of immersion baths, underwater spray massage, monitor evacuation of bowels, as well as vagina treatment by iodio-bromide brine accompanied by genecological massage.

At the dermatology department patients treated for psoriasis, neurodermitis, eczema are prescribed dissolved mud baths (sulphurated mud and sea water bath).

At the department of endoecological rehabilitation evacuation of gall bladder with mineral water is used.

At the department of physical therapy phono — and eletrophoresis with pressed back mud are used.

Good results are obtained from 98% of patients.

Variety of natural medical factors of Anapa resort makes it possible to use them for various pathological diseases which enlarge indication range for health- and- spa treatment.

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