Vladimirov A.A., Tofan N.I.

Clinical health-resort «Zhovten», Kiev, Ukraine

Treatment of pregnant women with health problems in health-resort is especially important under the present difficult environmental and economic conditions. This presumes wide application of climatic factors, numerous pre-formed physical curative factors, non-traditional medicine, and limited use of pharmacotherapy.

Extragenital diseases of pregnant women present one of the most acute problems characterised by such specific indicators as high maternal and perinatal mortality, frequent complications during pregnancy and delivery, exasperation of the basic disease, and fetus problems. Cardiac problems are the most frequent reason for the death of pregnant and lying-in women, and in all instances, the most frequent reason of death caused by extragenital pathology. Cardiac diseases are conducive to the development of various obstetric complications.

All this made us, first of all, to develop a differential system of health-resort therapy of pregnant women with such pathology, on the basis of the study of structural and functional changes in the heart.

The developed differential complexes of health-resort therapy of pregnant women were primarily intended to mitigate functional disturbances of central nervous system, raise its resistance to unfavourable factors and stress, improve microcirculation and organic perfusion.

In addition to the basic treatment that included: climatotherapy, treatment and preservation regimen, ultraviolet radiation, psychotherapy, movement regimens and remedial exercises, hydrokinesitherapy, aerophytotherapy, phytotherapy, dietary treatment, and collar area massage, we also provided additional specific treatment dependant on the disease, structural and functional changes within the cardiovascular system, and the term of pregnancy. There were such physical factors as: oxygen baths, coniferous and salt-coniferous baths, carbonaceous baths, electrosleep, sinusoidal modulated currents (SMC), speleotherapy, electrophoresis.

Among perspective trends of development of physiotherapy in pregnant can be marked:

• Development of optimal methods of usage of treatment physical factors in different diseases (standards);
• Investigation of mechanisms of complex action of treatment physical factors;
• Determination of sensitivity of tissues of organism to physical factors and search of «targets» of their action;
• Individual optimization and bioregulated regulation of characteristics of treatment physical factors in pregnant.

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