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Kutushov M.V.

Moscow, Russia

Purpose of the study.

To research the effects of DST substances on healthy and malignant cells depending on the dosage and to study possibilities of using DST substances in prevention of oncology diseases.

Materials and methods.

The studies were performed from 2002 to 2009 in the research centre of Harlan research institute (Israel) and Blokhin Oncology Centre (Russia). The following cells were selected for studying specific effects of DST substances on healthy cells: fibroblasts, mononuclear cells of peripheral blood, endothelial cells of umbilical cord, mesangial kidney cells and mouse embryonic kidney cells (14 days old). To study the effects of DST substances on malignant cells the following cells were used: Aden carcinoma of prostate, breast, lungs, colon, pancreas, light cell kidney cancer cells — chemotherapy resistant strains, metastatic human melanoma. The effects of DST substances were tested using concentrations from 10-5 mmol/l to 10-9 mmol/l. In control groups Doxorubicin and 5-phtoruracil in the same concentrations were used.


The results showed that the studied DST substances (salts of organic acids and organic dyes) effectively suppressed growth and metabolism of malignant cells even in the concentrations of 10-9 mmol/l. At the same time they had no negative side effects on healthy cells, more over they restored normal histological morphology. Proliferation of healthy cells was reduced by 15-20%, of malignant cells by 60-70%. No effect on proliferation of embryo kidney cells was observed. Doxorubicin and 5-phtoruracil in the same concentrations had no effect on malignant cells but even in small concentrations they had a suppressive effect on healthy cells. LD50 of the DST substances were in the range 240-1000 mg/kg, and LD50 of Doxorubicin was 13-15 mg/kg.


Studied organic DST substances in extra low and homeopathic concentrations are capable of suppressing proliferation and metabolism of malignant cells including chemotherapy resistant strains. These substances can be used for prevention of cancer, treatment of pre-cancer as well as for treatment of advanced tumours and metastases.

Theoretical background for cancer prevention and treatment method.

Cancer is caused by chemical, physical and biological agents. Cancer pathogenesis is based on isotropisation and modified protein folding, such as appearing of D-proteins and other chimeric proteins in the tissue. First stage of the process of malignant transformation is modification of the primary protein structure. As malignant transformation progresses, secondary and tertiary protein structure is being modified and loss of normal anisotropy occurs. Abnormal protein structure and progressing isotropisaton lead to chaotic and fast tumour growth. The surface antigens of cancer cells differ from the surface antigens of normal cells and that is why the immune competent cells do not recognise them. It is known that in the process of anisotropy loss changes in mechanical, optical, temperature, electromagnetic and other characteristics of the matter occur, and we observe the same changes in process of malignant transformation of the living tissue. In malignant tissue all protein structures such as enzymes, ferments, catalysts and so on function in a different manner compared to healthy tissue. Other flat structures like porphyry, pirol compounds, modified haemoglobin, bilirubin derivates are being involved in the process of malignization. In the course of tumour growth and neovascularisation the tumour acquires not only healthy and malignant cells typical to a particular type of cancer but also atypical cells in anaplasia and cataplasia form as well as bacteria and other cells. Due to this symbiosis cancer growth becomes unresponsive to any treatment. Often cancer cells harbour gram negative microorganisms which cell walls contain D-proteins. These D-proteins contribute to structural dissymmetry of malignant cells. Understanding this allows us to aim selectively at the primary mechanism of malignant transformation. Structural form of DST substances allows them to function not just as chemical substance but also as oscillators. Their dual action facilitates fast penetration of cells through receptors and channel mechanism. With such structure and extra-low concentrations DST substances do not serve as antigens for receptors on the surface of cancer cells. Higher doses of the same substances do not have the same therapeutic effect because they are creating «noise» at the cell membrane. That is why just single molecules and information matrix of these substances are able to get into malignant isotropic tissues only. Herbicide derivates penetrate only malignant cells as healthy cells do not have receptors. Staining effect of these substances on cellular and intra cellular structures affected by malignant processes also contributes significantly into restoration of anisotropy. Early stages of cancer can be treated by one or two DST substances and advanced stages with metastases require a combination of several substances. It is known that processes in the living systems are not linear, they do not have thermodynamic balance and function in fluctuating manner. Accordingly, the resonance response of the system to the treatment corresponds to its structure at a certain moment. In the case of tissue isotropisaton the symmetry axis are not defined (which is also true of amorphous and isotropic matter), the response will be distorted. By adding oscillators and polarisators into this matter the results becomes very specific. In theory by subjecting malignant tissue to the waves of pre-determined frequency and strength we can not only diagnose the degree of malignant transformation but also to return them into their anisotropic healthy state. This process is particularly efficient in the cells treated with DST substances. DST substances restore polarisation of protein clusters and in the process they also restore their folding and anisotropy in the areas of cancerous growth. All xenobiotic and alien structures like parasites, chimeric cancer oligo peptides and proteins either die or leave the system. These qualities of DST substances allow to treat effectively not only malignant cells and somatic diseases but also to diagnose several pathologies.


DST compounds allow restoring symmetry on the molecular level and anisotropy of cells and tissues. They allow us treating cancer at any stage including terminal cases. The results confirm the theory of cancer and its pathogenesis. DST compounds in homeopathic concentrations and extra low doses are being used by the volunteers to treat cancer for over 17 years. They can also be used for prevention of oncology diseases. Research is English and Russian as well as clinical results of DST therapy can be viewed on
www.dst-patient.ru and www.kutushov.com.

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